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PhytoQuest: Iminosugars for immune modulation (oncology), anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory applications

| Swansea

Thursday 8 February, 2018

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Iminosugars are small carbohydrate analogues that were first considered as glycosidase inhibitors but increasingly are being shown to be able to exert potent biological activities in vivo via receptors and by stabilising or refolding proteins. The talk will focus on three projects at PhytoQuest Ltd related to compounds that re-activate anti-tumour responses, other compounds that appear to have long term benefits for treating diabetes and a novel anti-inflammatory agent. All the compounds show no toxicity and are highly biologically available and stable in vivo. In addition to developing pharmaceutical products the company has launched two consumer products, under the brand DrNashGlycoHealth, based on iminosugar-containing plant extracts for quality of life in pets with cancer and for regulating blood sugar. 

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